Best Medical Packages

Our team of dedicated and highly-qualified dental healthcare professionals look forward to introducing you to the benefits of pain-free laser dentistry. We understand that finding the right dentist, for you or your entire family, is a very important decision.

Treatments include: General Dentistry; Laser dentistry; Dental Caries-Diagnosis; Periodontics; Endodontics; Implants; Orthodontics; Maxillofacia Surgeries For Teeth, Fractures, Cysts & Tumors; Prosthodontics and Pedodontics.

India has the best urology centres in the world. Urology, with the widespread use of small caliber endoscopic instruments, has been radically and positively influenced by laser technology more than any other super specialty surgery over the years. Laser surgery is currently considered to be the most definitive option for the treatment of several urological diseases such as prostate enlargement, bladder tumors, urethral & ureteric strictures, kidney and ureteric stones.

Laser surgeries include: Laser Transurethral Resection(laser TURP); Laser Holmium Lithotripsy; Laser Transurethral Resection Of Bladder Tumor (Laser TURBT); Laser Video Internal Urethroplasty (Laser VIU) and Laser Ureterotomy.

A number of orthopedic procedures are what we offer, including: hip and knee replacements, the Illizarov technique, limb lengthening and the Birmingham hip resurfacing technique, which scores over conventional hip replacements and is still unavailable even in most developed of countries.

Many hospitals specialize in the latest of techniques and treatments such as minimal invasive surgery, cartilage and bone transplantation, spine surgery and limb sparing surgery. All kinds of muscular-skeletal problems ranging from arthritis to sports injuries, to complex broken bones, bone tumors and childhood conditions like scoliosis are treated most effectively.

Treatments include: Joint replacement surgeries, hip replacements surgeries, knee replacement surgeries, bone marrow transplant, etc.

Increasing survival rates for children, and adults experiencing an injury or illness in the nervous system, has resulted in more people with permanently dysfunctional nervous systems. In response, numerous treatments have been developed. Neurology provides care to patients with diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, or even muscles.
Specialists offer diagnostic evaluation, consultation, and management of neurobehavioral and memory disorders, neuromuscular diseases, cerebra-vascular diseases, movement disorders, seizure disorders, sleep disorders, brain tumors and headaches. Research interests of our department’s neurologists include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, molecular immunology, neuronal cell biology, biochemistry and neuropathology.

Oncology has come a long way from when early surgeons were able to excise tumors with the most primitive of means. It has leaped forward in the past 25 years or so, with huge improvements in prevention, diagnosis and treatments. Doctors agree that early detection, if not prevention, is the best way to deal with cancer and oncology also covers this facet of medicine.

Treatments include: Chemotherapy of solid tumours; Chemotherapy of hematological malignancies; Immunotherapy and targeted therapy of solid tumor and hematological malignancies including Interleukin, herceptin, Avastin and Mabthera, Diagnostic tests,Day care chemotherapy,Chemoport insertion, Bone marrow and stem cell transplantation.

Deciding to change the way you look through cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery takes courage and a lot of considerations. It is your body, and you’ll want to place it in the safe hands of someone who is highly respected in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery – we are that someone.

Treatments include: Hair Restoration, Hair Implants, Hair Flaps, Scalp Reductions, Rhinoplasties, Face Lifts, Liposuction, Breast Enhancements And Reductions